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Gaining Footing in Private Donor Circles
in the United States - a Webinar

echo communications is now offering a ground-breaking suite of services for grantees and grantors to enhance their visibility within organized grantor networks. We have called it, Hidden Opportunities.

If you are a grantee, Hidden Opportunities will teach you how to tap into grantor networks in order to promote your ideas and your agenda to dozens of grantors in your field.

There are dozens of grantor networks across the United States whose mission is to bring together donors who care about similar issues and part of the country. Grantees are routinely featured in these settings as issue experts to help lead donor members to new solutions.

If these are the questions you ask yourself -

"How can I become known as an expert in my field amongst grantors?"


"Where can I go to meet grantors who care about the same issues I do where we can speak about ideas that work?"

then -

Hidden Opportunities is for you.

Our suite of services will help bring your work to the attention of grantor networks by way of your existing donors.

Beyond sending a check, there are myriad ways a donor may support a grantee, including by promoting it within grantor networks as a thought leader and worthwhile investment. Many groups do not know about these circles or hesitate to ask their grantors for support tapping in.

Those grantees who do ask benefit in significant ways. They meet new potential grantors. They speak before dozens of philanthropists who care about their fields and help advance solutions. They are able to speak the concerns of communities served directly to a group of leaders in grantmaking for the field.

Don't miss your chance.

Learn more about Hidden Opportunities services for grantees.

If you are a grantor, Hidden Opportunities will allow you to gain enhanced visibility for your grantmaking portfolios - and your grantees, within grantor networks nationwide, including within grantmaker affinity groups and regional alliances.

Promoting Your Donor's Interests into
Organized Philanthropy - a Webinar

You may already belong to a few donor networks that serve your interests. If you do, odds are good you are sending in your dues payment regularly and going to their annual conferences when you can. But – are you doing everything possible to raise the profile of your work with potential co-donors there? Odds are good you are not.

If these are the questions you ask yourself -

"Have I done everything I can to bring benefit to my key grantees beyond sending them a check?"


"How can I attract additional support within donor circles for my grantmaking portfolio, and the policy agenda we have invested in?"

then -

Hidden Opportunities is for you.

Our suite of services will pioneer for you spectacular ways you can bring your work before your grantor peers in the foundation, corporate and major giver worlds, including in affinity group and regional alliance settings.

There are so many possible avenues for advancing your mission: in the communications channels of grantor alliances, in their conference settings, by way of site visits to your grantees.

The floor is open to you.

We would love to help.

Learn more about Hidden Opportunities services for grantors.

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